IF YOU KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE STOP NOW AND READ THIS OR I WILL BLOCK YOU!! Afro Dominicana. 20. Queer Organizer. Survivor of multiple sexual assaults. Gender Fluid. They/Them pronouns. Drag King. Opera singer. Sex Positive. Body Positive. Kinky. Artist. Polyamorous lover. Vegan but a social meat eater. Will never let milk products get anywhere near my mouth cause I'm that allergic. Thin privilege. Able bodied but horrid asthma. Mega anxiety issues so it might take me forever to respond to anything. NYC. Living for the revolution!! Feel free to reblog any of my personal photos unless your a straight dude porn blog or if i say so otherwise. I post NSFW so if your not ok with viewing it don't follow me! I know my tumblr name is mega heteronormative but don't be fooled there is nothing of that sort happening here! My 10 year old sister calls me her superhero, Rainbowtastica <3



For those who like sexy bodies of all configurations. Photo credit SingleChair 2011

P.S. When I posted this on my professional tumblr it got almost no play, and now on my quasi secret tumblr, it’s blowing up. Internet, you so cray.

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